From west to east;

Tropical Depression IOTA is located over eastern El Salvador about 40 miles east of San Salvador moving west at 10 knots with maximum winds down to just 30 knots. This will weaken to a remnant low this morning. Despite weakening, IOTA is continuing to produce severe to catastrophic flooding across the region while emergency services continue to provide humanitarian relief to thousands displaced with a yet unknown death toll.

Disturbance Sixty Four has piped up in the central Caribbean headed west-sou’west at 12 knots. This is expected to take shape as a weak tropical system but without significant development tomorrow as it passes to the north of Colombia and towards Panama on Friday before moving ashore over the weekend.

New chatter on the wires of a low pressure cell forming between the Bahamas and Bermuda early next week. Highly speculative at the moment but will probably pass well to the east of the continental United States and may, hopefully drift into north Atlantic anonymity next week.

Misery continues to rain down on northern central America, but otherwise stand easy.

Image courtesy AP