The swirling area of rising air in the western Atlantic took shape overnight and has become subtropical Storm ANA, our first named storm of the season. Currently 170 miles north-east of Bermuda, ANA is more or less at peak now with a hurricane severity index rating of just 3 out of 50 (1 for size and 2 for intensity), which in real terms is producing winds gusting 50 knots with a tropical storm strength windfield radius of 120 miles. ANA is creeping slowly to the south-west but unlikely to get far before turning west then north-east. This is a puny little storm and most of the muck and filth is to the east and north of the nominal centre, which means this is unlikely to have much impact on Bermuda before heading north-east and diminishing over cooler water.

Disturbance Three made its way inshore and is currently crossing the beach to the north of Corpus Christi. As anticipated, this has not really developed but will produce some squalls with gusts up to 50 knots, heavy showers and some impressive thunderstorms throughout the day and should be done and dusted by tonight.

Tropical storm winds and high seas to the north-east of Bermuda, line squalls across the mid-Texas coast otherwise, stand easy.

Image Rachel Swimmer