From west to east:

Downgraded CLAUDETTE is crossing Georgia and set to pass over the Carolinas later today with heavy rainfall, a few impressive thunderstorms and some isolated tornadoes spinning off the nominal centre. This is expected to launch over the Outer Banks overnight and move into the western Atlantic where warm waters wait to fire CLAUDETTE up again. If this cyclone reaches tropical storm intensity, it is not expected to survive too long as pressure gradients look to cause acceleration into cooler Atlantic anonymity.

Disturbance Ten is now centred 800 miles north-nor’east of the mouth of the Amazon moving west at 12 knots. This has taken a shredding from upper level shear but still has some surface organisation, however retains only a slender chance of development.

Stand by for muck and filth over Georgia and the Carolinas before CLAUDETTE resurrects over the Outer Banks, otherwise stand easy.

Image Bob Guccione