From west to east:

Disturbance Ten is now just one day’s steaming east of the Windward Islands headed a touch north of west at 15 knots. Aside from some scattered heavy showers and isolated thunderstorms, this would seem to have no short term development prospects but may have an opportunity to become better organised when it makes the north-west Caribbean. Some of the usual wild speculators, vile weather enthusiasts and tea leaf readers are even suggesting a development in the Gulf of Mexico later next week, with at least one reliable US agency chipping in. Early days in my view.

Disturbance Eleven succumbed to upper level shear and wimped out half way between the Cape Verde Islands and the Caribbean.

Newbie Disturbance Twelve has formed along the southern edge of the convergence zone around 750 miles south of the Cape Verde Islands headed west at 15 knots. This has mixed prospects with some signs of early organisation, but nothing firm in the long term as yet.

Stand easy.

Image Larry Flynt