Disturbance Seventeen is well ashore over southern Texas and is off our radar now.

ELSA is now crossing the Gulf of St Lawrence and accelerating to the north-east, currently in excess of 40 knots, but miraculously at such an unusual ground speed, still producing some tropical storm conditions. ELSA has a hurricane severity index rating of 5 (2 for intensity and 3 for size) which translates into winds gusting 55 knots over a large windfield some 400 miles in diameter at its maximum reach which is thankfully mostly seaward. This is peak intensity now and ELSA will dissipate quickly as is crosses Newfoundland into the north Atlantic. For the weather nerd, this has been a most unusual storm, not without its tragic consequences in its path from the Windward Islands, northern Caribbean, Cuba, Florida and along the eastern seaboard, and whilst we can expect this to be the storm’s final throw, a final twist is still possible, although not probable.

Disturbance Eighteen is now 750 miles north-east of the mouth of the Amazon moving west at 24 knots and is expected to pass the Windward Islands overnight tomorrow with the odd thunderstorm. Conditions in the eastern Caribbean are now particularly favourable for development for the time being.

Stand by for strong winds and heavy rain across Atlantic Canada otherwise, stand easy.

Image Anna Span