From west to east:

Disturbance Twenty One landed in Panama overnight and is now off radar.

Underperforming Disturbance Twenty Three is close to landfall south of Jacksonville. Both thunderstorms and anticipated rainfall have diminished under aerial attack from upper level shear and its passing it not likely to be memorable.

Disturbance Twenty Two is now crossing the southern Caribbean at a speedy 25 knots, just passing the Netherlands Antilles. Advanced ground speed and a whiff of dry air will keep development in check as it tracks west over the next few days with just some enhanced showers and thunderstorms across Venezuela and Colombia later today into tomorrow.

Disturbance Twenty Four has just slipped the Cape Verde Islands moving west at 20 knots. There is sand ahead but this will not remain in place indefinitely and at this stage, any new disturbance could be the one which breaks the meteorological blockade.

Stand easy.

Image Ralph Ginzburg