From west to east;

There is little change to the progress of the two developments reported on yesterday other than both being a day’s steaming further west.

Disturbance Twenty Four is now 800 miles due north of the mouth of the Amazon, westbound at 22 knots. Disturbance Twenty Five is centred a day west of the Cape Verde Islands also westbound at 22 knots. Both have little in the way of development prospects.

A shortfall in both image resources and imagination yesterday means that those of you who claimed to recognise the scruffy sailor in the middle of the vintage trio have rumbled me. I make this admission only because I have been coerced by my Group Chief Underwriting Officer who would otherwise have made an unfair accusation using this medium that I was sporting permed hair. This was taken during tank cleaning somewhere off the mouth of the Mekong River in early 1975. I would guess this to have been a Tuesday, which was usually my turn for both hat and boots. The ship, the natural perm (indeed most of the hair) and now my dignity are long gone.

Stand easy.

Image Nica Noelle