Disturbance Twenty Five remains the only feature across the reporting region today, still around 150 miles west of the Cape Verde Islands.  This has started to move slowly north into dry air and unlikely to develop. To the east, aerial images show cloud forming ashore in southern Mauretania heading for the coast. This has a hint of rotation to it which may indicate wet air. This may launch over the next day or two with better prospects as the cycle of sand seems to be weakening. Early days of course and I’ll wait until the professionals pick it up before committing further. They are pretty quick and normally pick these things only a day or two after we do.

In the season preamble, we asked any requests to be added to the circulation list or indeed any feedback, to be addressed to myself or Laura Borley. Laura is now on maternity leave and I am trying to stop her looking at her e-mails, so would be grateful if any messages are sent to me only. Laura – if you are reading this, stop it.

Stand easy. Particularly you, Laura.

Image David Sullivan