From west to east:

Disturbance Twenty Six looks set to be the first breakout from the band of sand which has dominated the convergence zone for a month. Centred around 80 miles west of Dominica, this made a fairly uneventful, albeit wet passage through the Leeward Islands overnight and is now headed west-nor’west at 16 knots. There are clear signs of rotation now and as this passes south of the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico it is fanning out squalls with heavy rainfall and strong gusts. Some deepening is expected before moving towards Florida and into the eastern Gulf of Mexico later in the week, and environmental conditions are favourable for this to reach tropical storm force, perhaps as early as tonight.

Disturbance Twenty Eight dissipated in the central Atlantic overnight. No comment from the Blind Sniper this morning.

Disturbance Twenty Seven is at the mid-stage between the Cape Verde Islands and the Caribbean, westbound at 14 knots. There are no signs of convection or rotation yet.Disturbance Twenty Nine is close to the south of the Cape Verde Islands moving to the west at 10 knots. There are mixed prospects for this developing. Early days.

Stand easy.

Image Petra Joy