Disturbance Thirty Four is centred about 300 miles east of Jamaica headed west-nor’west at 15 knots. Conditions are likely to become more favourable for development as the disturbance moves into the western Caribbean on Friday night. This is then expected to track west-nor’west across the Yucatan channel into the Gulf of Mexico overnight on Saturday where warm water and rising air await. A track to the north is then expected towards Louisiana. Sage advice would be to have hurricane response plans ready offshore and along the coast anywhere between Houston and the Mississippi with the Lafayette area seemingly to be getting most votes.

Disturbance Thirty One is now about 800 miles east-southeast of Bermuda moving to the northwest at 15 knots. Thunderstorms remain poorly organised however environmental conditions are expected to be more favourable as the disturbance turns to the northeast over the central Atlantic tomorrow into Friday, well to the east of Bermuda. The disturbance could become a tropical fishstorm as it accelerates to the northeast by Friday

Disturbance Thirty Five is now 700 miles west-sou’west west of the Cape Verde Islands moving west-nor’west at 15 knots. Environmental conditions are marginally favourable for slow development over the next few days as it moves towards the central Atlantic. Early days.

Weather watch on the Gulf of Mexico otherwise stand easy.

Image Jill Kelly Productions