From west to east;

Disturbance Fifty Two is now approaching the Mosquito Coast of Nicaragua at 20 knots. This system remains disorganised and it is looking less likely that this will develop before moving into Central America tomorrow.

Disturbance Fifty Three is loosely centred over the south-eastern Bahamas. This is battling upper level wind shear and as such, is unlikely to develop although a window of opportunity may appear as this moves north towards the Carolinas in a couple of days’ time.

Category Two SAM is heading harmlessly seaward after passing well clear of Bermuda overnight on Saturday and is now beating the well-worn final track to the north-east at a brisk 22 knots. Currently centred 650 miles south-sou’east of Newfoundland, the storm footprint will spread now as the cyclone accelerates and simultaneously weakens. SAM is still blowing hard with winds gusting 110 knots and a tropical storm force windfield radius of 250 miles but aside from making life miserable for sailors, SAM has no threat to make as it heads into the gloom of the North Atlantic autumn.

VICTOR has weakened to a tropical depression as it continues to be impacted by strong wind shear and dry air. Currently 1200 miles west-nor’west of the Cape Verde Islands, headed north-west at 12 knots, what remains of VICTOR is likely to disappear from our screens over the coming 24 hours.

Foul weather to continue in the North Atlantic in the vicinity of SAM otherwise stand easy.

Image NASA/ Céline Tran