From west to east:

Disturbance Fifty Three is centred 150 miles south-east of Cape Hatteras edging slowly north. This is expected to track over the Outer Banks and brush the US mid-Atlantic coast over the next few days bringing with it some heavy rain and strong gusts as it fans out towards New England on Sunday. There is still a slight chance of development, despite interaction with land. There is still plenty of warm water.

Disturbance Fifty Four is close to Barbados, moving slowly west. The disturbance is expected to move through the Windward Islands overnight and into the Caribbean. The heaviest rain and thunderstorms are east/astern of the nominal centre thus are expected to spread into the Windward and Leeward Islands tomorrow. Wind shear still has some say in this, and development is not expected as things stand.

Stand by for heavy-ish rain along the eastern seaboard and the eastern Caribbean, otherwise stand easy.

Image Larry Flynt