From west to east:

The long pause in storm production ended overnight when Disturbance Fifty Eight formed Tropical Storm WANDA. To the undoubted glee of movie buffs on our address list who are often in touch, WANDA is a pure fishstorm. Currently centred 900 miles southeast of Newfoundland moving to the east-sou’east at 16 knots, as tropical storms go, this won’t break box office records, with a predicted maximum hurricane severity index rating of just 5 (2 for size and 3 for intensity) which translates to winds gusting 60 knots with a small windfield radius of just 100 miles. This has followed a rather eccentric path as it crossed the warm Gulf Stream and intensified over warm water and is wavering between east, south-east and even heading south for a few hours. WANDA is now expected to head south-west for a day or so before turning north and eventually accelerating north-east by Tuesday. This will have no impact on any land mass and will only irritate fish and sailors for a couple of days

Disturbance Fifty Nine is 400 miles south-west of the Cape Verde Islands moving west at 10 knots. This has a whiff of an early turn to the north about it and if it does develop, is likely to do so well clear of land in the mid-Atlantic.

Stand by for a few bumpy days at sea in the North Atlantic, otherwise stand easy.

Image MGM Studios/H Hefner