From west to east;

Disturbance Sixty has piped up in the far southwestern Caribbean moving slowly west. This is too close to the coast of Nicaragua to have any time to develop but is indicative of cyclone fertile conditions prevailing in an area renowned for late season surprises

Subtropical fishstorm WANDA is now centred some 800 miles west-sou’west of the Azores, meandering around on a comprehensive tour of the north Atlantic, changing its heading every few hours but remaining clear of land. Currently moving south-east at a leisurely 6 knots, and producing 45 knot winds, WANDA is still encountering warm water and may yet intensify further before a turn to the north then north-east to pass well clear of the Azores and then accelerating into Atlantic anonymity.

Disturbance Fifty Nine is centred 500 miles west of the Cape Verde Islands moving to the north-west at 12 knots, still with a hint of an early turn into the central Atlantic to it. Upper-level conditions will become less favourable for tropical development over the next day or two although a longer-term development window awaits in the western Atlantic if it makes it that far.

Mucky days at sea in the north western Atlantic, otherwise stand easy.

Image Kristen Bjorn