From west to east;

Meandering Tropical Storm WANDA is now 570 miles south-west of the Azores, and is now heading north-west at 10 knots. This has weakened and will continue to do so as it turns towards the east in the next couple of days, but nonetheless still producing winds gusting 55 knots and some lumpy days at sea.

Disturbance Sixty is just crossing the beach around the border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua in the far south-west Caribbean. This will be a rainmaker for central America as it heads west and may develop when it reaches the Pacific, but will be off our radar.

Disturbance Fifty Nine dissipated just two days west of the Cape Verde Islands, which must be a disappointment to the Canadian guy who had it earmarked for the Gulf of Mexico. Just saying.

Stand by for more strong winds to the west of the Azores, otherwise stand easy.

Image NewsFlare/Tiffany Mynx