From west to east;

In what has become an annual tradition, an observer across the water who I occasionally mention in this bulletin has a storm tracking across south-east England, suspiciously close to home. Wishful thinking rather than a scientific notion, I would suggest. A fishstorm called WANDA has been milling about aimlessly between Newfoundland and the Azores for a few days, maintaining strength as a marginal tropical storm. WANDA is still producing winds gusting 55 knots but given little change in position over the past few days is well-known to seafarers who have been able to reroute. This is expected to amble north today, then south-east again overnight tomorrow before taking the traditional track north-east, accelerating and diminishing well clear of the United Kingdom.

Disturbance Sixty One has piped up 550 miles north-east of the mouth of the Amazon moving west at 15 knots. This is not well organised and conditions ahead are only marginal for development and this may not reach the Caribbean as things stand.

Stand by for more mucky weather in the north-west Atlantic otherwise stand easy.

Image Richard Desmond