From west to east:

Disturbance Sixty One is close to the coast of Guyana headed west at 11 knots. Interaction with land is preventing development and this is likely to disappear over South America in a day or so without tropical development.

Disturbance Sixty Two has formed off the north coast of Florida, about 80 miles east of Jacksonville. This has some shape to it and is expected to intensify over warm water as it heads to the north-east bringing gale force winds to offshore areas. If this develops, the worst excesses will be to the east of the nominal centre and a general drift east of north is likely to take it harmlessly seaward.

Tropical Storm WANDA is still lounging around, centred a little over 400 miles west of the Azores. It is only a matter of time before this turns north-east, accelerating and fading into the foul and gloomy north Atlantic winter.

Mucky weather west of the Azores and off the south eastern seaboard otherwise stand easy.

Image Paul Norman