Atlantic muck and filth showing signs of brief tropical development.

| Storm Report 2021

Disturbance Sixty Two is now centred around 1,000 miles east-nor’east of Bermuda, headed slightly north of east at a cracking 28 knots. This has continued showing signs of both vertical and surface organisation causing some foul weather with lumpy seas, bands of  heavy showers and line squalls to the north east of the nominal centre with winds gusting over 65 knots, but has yet to develop tropical characteristics per se. There is still a development window for this to produce a tropical storm over the coming 24 hours, but unlikely at this ground speed and in any event will pass over cooler water and merge with an eastbound front tomorrow. This is no threat to land and only likely to bother fish and sailors.

Aside from some muck and filth in the central Atlantic, stand easy.

Image Nic Cramer