First unconvincing suggestions of end of Atlantic storm season.

| Storm Report 2021

Disturbance Sixty Two failed to find the sweet spot of warm water in the North Atlantic which would have briefly provided a development window and has instead merged with an eastbound front.  If that is the last chance of the season, we have been deprived of storm ADRIA, which I am sure would have been charming, charismatic and of course, modest.

There are no significant pressure gradients across the region, but isolated opportunities still exist for a late flurry. There is an increasing number of commentators suggesting that this marks the end of the season, but all of them are still curtain twitching. The nominal season end is November 30th and as a cynical and cautious old sailor, I wouldn’t dream of calling it a day until I am absolutely certain – and I’m not.

Stand easy

Image H Hefner