My sincere apologies to some addressees who did not receive either or both bulletins over the weekend. There was a glitch at this end, which is sometimes termed ‘progress’ by technical wonks. We never had these problems with morse and semaphore. You missed nothing of significance other than an amusing insight into the Blind Sniper’s desperate attempt to talk up a flurry of rising air in the Bay of Campeche which is going absolutely nowhere, and by now has probably dissipated anyway. I never give guarantees, but if the late La Niña arrival was to have regenerated the 2021 season, it would have shown itself by now in the Gulf of Mexico. Instead, typical winter frontal activity is now dominating the pressure charts across the Gulf. Make of that what you will.

There are still some warm water patches and wisps of rising air, albeit none in the Bay of Campeche  – and as things stand, none west of the Leeward Islands. A prudent old sailor would urge a safety margin of a day or two more before ringing down Finished With Engines.

Stand easy.

Image Feras Antoon