2021 Hurricane season. “They think it’s all over…….”

| Storm Report 2021

With apologies to my Boss, colleagues and friends in Germany whose responses to this image when I posted it last year produced an avalanche of impassioned reminders of multiple humiliating paybacks since 1966, this is nonetheless an irresistible repeat. And of course apologise too to the many readers who weren’t alive on this joyous occasion and have no idea of its significance.

There remain isolated flurries of rising air across the region and patches of above average water temperatures, but it seems increasingly likely that none are set to meet in the same location.  With a nominal date of 30th November for the end of the season, prudence dictates a day or two more of caution before we can say with certainty and absolute elation that the ball is firmly in the back of the net.

Stand easy.

Image H Hefner