Disturbance Four has opened out overnight and is now spread from the eastern Caribbean into north-western Venezuela with a nominal centre over the Netherlands Antilles, moving west at 15 knots. This will cause widely scattered showers and storms across western Venezuela and Colombia tonight as it moves over the south-western Caribbean thereafter running ashore into Central America on Friday night. The likelihood of development reduces as this fans out and weakens.

Disturbance Five is now 650 miles south-west of the Cape Verde Islands moving west at 15 knots. Aerial imagery shows widely scattered and disorganised showers which have decreased in coverage overnight. Nonetheless, this will continue to make way to the west over the next few days with no tropical development expected due to unfavourable environmental conditions. By Sunday, this will be closing on Trinidad and the Windward Islands before entering the Caribbean on Monday where environmental conditions are expected to become marginally more positive for tropical development. Early days.

Stand easy.