Disturbance Four is now a weak, open tropical wave in the south-western Caribbean centred between Colombia and Panama moving west at 15 knots. This is fanning out scattered showers and localised thunderstorms across the region but not expected to develop before running up the beach tomorrow.

Disturbance Five is also a fairly weak trough, centred some 1400 miles east-sou’east of Trinidad, westbound at 17 knots with a wide spread of disorganised squalls. Environmental conditions are in a constant state of change along its expected passage past Trinidad on Sunday and into the eastern Caribbean, but as things stand today, development is not expected.

Disturbance Six is currently centred 450 miles south-sou’east of the Cape Verde Islands moving west at 18 knots. This is also producing a wide spread of showers and the odd thunderstorm as it heads towards the Windward Islands where it is expected to reach next Tuesday. The professional observers also have this down as ‘not developing’ but iffy environmental conditions are in a state of constant change and the trans-Atlantic production line is a certain hurricane producer at some point in the season.

Stand easy.