Rainmaker set for south-eastern Texas

| Storm Report 2022

From west to east:

An area of disorganized showers and thunderstorms has gathered across the north-western Gulf of Mexico overnight. This is expected to progress to the west tomorrow before pushing into Texas on Sunday, bringing heavy rainfall along the south-western Louisiana coast and the entire Texas coast with only a slim chance of development. Regardless of any development, this will be a rainmaker.

Disturbance Nineteen is an open wave centred around 850 miles east of Barbados moving to the west-nor’west at a cyclone-defeating 22 knots. This will remain disorganised but will bring heavy showers and the odd thunderstorm as it crosses the northern Leeward Islands on Saturday night and then onto Puerto Rico on Sunday. Upper level shear will keep tropical development in check.

Disturbance Twenty has just slipped the African coast moving slowly west at around 5 knots with a wide band of very disorganised showers and storms fanning out mainly to the east of the centre.  This is expected to progress slowly over the Cape Verde Islands overnight tomorrow before possibly weakening towards the middle of next week. Early days yet but this doesn’t look too threatening.

Stand easy.