Slight long-term development prospect for Gulf of Mexico.

| Storm Report 2022

From west to east

Disturbance Twenty One is becoming better organised in the Gulf of Mexico, close to the southeast of Corpus Christi. This may have left it too late to develop into a tropical system of any kind but will be a significant rainmaker as it crosses the lower Texas coast today.

Disturbance Nineteen is looking relatively harmless as it approaches the Leeward Islands. The system will track generally towards the west over the next few days while remaining disorganised due to upper level wind shear but will produce increasing shower and thunderstorm activity as far as Puerto Rico overnight. There is a slight chance that conditions could become marginally favourable for development by next weekend as the system approaches the western Gulf of Mexico, but as things stand, only slight.

Disturbance Twenty has weakened further to the east of the Cape Verde Islands and is expected to move slowly towards the west and weaken further without threat.

Stand easy.