Speculative long term watch on Gulf of Mexico window.

| Storm Report 2022

From west to east:

Disturbance Twenty One has moved ashore into Texas and dissipated.

Disturbance Nineteen into the south-western Caribbean, the nominal centre currently passing close to the north of Aruba headed west at 22 knots. A slowdown is expected today, along with a turn to the west-nor’west, set to cross the Yucatan and Belize before moving into the Bay of Campeche on Friday. Thereafter, the disturbance is expected to move into north-eastern Mexico. At the moment, the high ground speed and upper level shear are preventing development. There may be a window of opportunity when this reaches the south-western Gulf but with limited sea time and potential for continued higher ground speed, this should be brief. I would suggest that a weather watch may be needed. .

Disturbance Twenty is still in its death throes in the eastern Atlantic moving to the west at 15 knots. This is unlikely to survive the Atlantic crossing and in the meantime, no development is expected.

Stand easy.