Category One hurricane FIONA close to Puerto Rico landfall.

| Storm Report 2022

From west to east:

FIONA has reached hurricane intensity. The eye is currently close to the south coast of Puerto Rico headed west-nor’west at just 7 knots producing winds gusting 80 knots with a windfield radius of just 80 miles which equates to a hurricane severity index rating (HSI) of 6 out of a possible 50 points (2 for size and 4 for intensity). Conditions across Puerto Rico are deteriorating as torrential rainbands spread over the island with severe flooding expected. A landfall could occur over southwest Puerto Rico later with foul weather expected for the Dominican Republic to follow. After clearing the Caribbean, FIONA is expected to turn more to the north and later the northeast. This would keep the storm a short distance east of the Turks and Caicos Islands and the south-eastern Bahamas. The current expectation is for FIONA to pass west of Bermuda overnight on Wednesday at which time it will increase in size and intensity with winds in excess of 115 knots and a tropical storm windfield radius of up to 300 miles which equates to an HSI of 32 (22 for size and 10 for intensity).

As expected, oddball Disturbance Thirty Three has as anticipated been absorbed by the tail of the occluded front which initially bore it yesterday.

Disturbance Thirty One is well to the north of the convergence zone in the mid-Atlantic moving to the north-west at 7 knots which is expected to continue for the next few days.  This poses no threat to any land mass will probably be absorbed by an eastbound front in the coming week.

Disturbance Thirty Two is centred around 850 miles north-east of the mouth of the Amazon moving to the west at 10 knots. Conditions are currently unfavourable and tropical development is not expected.

Stand by for hurricane force winds and heavy rain, with potential flooding across Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.