MAIB report into the loss of fishing vessel PURBECK ISLE and her three man crew...

Please find attached link to the report into the foundering of fishing vessel PURBECK ISLE, 9 miles south of Portland Bill on 17 May 2012 resulting in the loss of her three crew.

It is tragic to read the words ‘irresponsible attitude to safety' when considering the lives of men who make their living in this hard environment, but this tired, rotted and corroded fishing boat was an essential financial lifeline which was in a desperate state and in all likelihood suffered rapid and catastrophic flooding. We can all be smart after the event, but incorrect positioning of a liferaft, failure to wear floatation devices, failure to carry an EPIRB and a failure to properly manage surveys and inspections have cost three more lives.

For those on board Watkins' managed boats, please ensure that all crewmembers are given an opportunity to read this and confirm so in your next HESS meeting minutes. I can be contacted at any time if anyone has any questions.