Aborted attack - southern Red Sea - 1530Z 16 July 2013

The IMB has reported the following aborted attack on an unidentified chemical tanker in the southern Red Sea, 58m NNW of Bab-el-Mandeb, at 1530Z on 16 July 2013:

Crew on board a chemical tanker underway noticed a number of echoes at a distance of around 3nm on the radar. The on board security team took their position and non essential crew mustered in the citadel. Master and guards noticed three skiffs, in between 16 skiffs, approaching with weapons and RPG with a CPA of one cable. Ship's whistle was sounded but the skiffs continued their approach and the security team fired warning flares resulting in the skiffs moving away.'

The colour key for Google earth images is:

Red      Hijacked vessel, kidnapped crew or attack in progress.
White   Failed or aborted attack.
Yellow Pirate action group (PAG) or mother ship.
Green  Suspicious approach, incident or activity.