Suspicious approach off coast of Oman 04.08.13 0710Z

'04.08.2013 0710UTC : Posn 22 48.8 n, Long 060 12.0 E off the coast of Oman close to Ras Al Hadd'

On 04/08/13 at 0710 UTC, off the coast of Oman in position Lat 22 48.8 n, Long 060 12.0 E, 3 x skiffs were seen approaching own vessel at a speed of 20kts, course of 270°. The Master altered course and sounded the whistle. The 3 skiffs were then seen to spread their approach. One skiff moved ahead of own vessel, one directly towards and one toward her stern. All non essential crew were mustered to the citadel and the PMSC team took up positions on the bridge wings. As the skiffs came within a distance of approximately 8 cables the security team fired two flares which resulted in the skiffs altering their course and moving to the rear of the ship where they continued on in a westerly direction.

The vessel was well hardened at the time with razor wire, fire hoses and foam monitors in place and also mannequins deployed.