Suspicious incidents - southern Red Sea, Indian Ocean and Gulf of Oman - 18 to 22 August 2013

In their weekly report, the UKMTO gives the following details of 5 suspicious incidents in the southern Red Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Oman during the period 18 to 22 August 2013:

‘18 August – At 0410Z in position 24 27N 058 09E, a cargo ship was approached by 3 small boats from the port quarter. Boats closed to 2.5nm. After flashing of a lamp, the boats slowed down. 30 minutes later, a dhow was sighted acting suspiciously which closed to within 1 mile of the cargo ship. Onboard AST showed weapons to the dhow confirming their presence onboard the M/V. Vessel is SAFE.

19 August – At 0630Z in position 24 15N 060 39E, a bulk carrier was followed by a small boat carrying 7-8 POB. Master increased speed and was able to elude the boat. Vessel is SAFE. ‘

20 August – At 0800Z, in position 12 35N 043 26E, a bulk carrier was approached by 2 skiffs to her port bow and port beam. Onboard AST fired two flares and skiffs moved away. Vessel is SAFE.

20 August – At 1220Z, in position 11 24N 062 26E, a tanker was approached by a dhow with a white superstructure and a blue hull. The dhow had a large watch-tower and the aft end was seen to be covered in nets. The dhow matched the tanker's speed, maintaining a minimal CPA until the tanker's AST showed their weapons. The dhow then moved away. Vessel is SAFE.

22 August – At 0730Z, in position 16 28N 040 46E, a bulk carrier was approached by 4 boats at 0.5nm with 8 POB in each boat, 2 from the port side, 2 from the starboard side. AST fired flares, boats moved away. Vessel is SAFE.'