Suez Canal - update on attack on COSCO ASIA

This received from a commercial maritime security operator –

The Managing Director of Cosco Shipping in Port Said stated that the COSCO ASIA was struck by an RPG rocket fired from ashore (map on the link below) and a container on the top tier closest to the accommodation block was damaged by the impact.

Of equal concern as the attack itself is the lack of accurate reporting and seemingly minimising of the event. It had been reported that only a pistol was fired from over 300m away in one account.

It is not believed that the vessel was the a specific target, but rather collateral damage related to strife within the Egyptian government pertaining to control of the Canal. Escalation is not expected in volume or intensity of attacks, and though this is most likely an isolated incident and not specifically targeting a ship or ships in general, the Canal can expect to see greater risk of collateral damage from conflicts in and around Egypt. (I've read that twice and I'm none the wiser.)

This security operator is advising crews to remain within the protection of the vessel unless absolutely necessary during the Suez transit and attaches their own guidance.