MAIB report on a release of phosphine gas during cargo discharge ex m.v. ARKLOW DAWN

I was taken to task several years ago by the then (and current) Chairman of the MYBA management committee, for stating in a presentation to the annual superyacht forum that there is no central body circulating safety and security reports to the large yacht industry, unlike every other sector of the maritime world. ‘That's MYBA's role', I was told sharply. Given that most addressees here are self-managed, or managed by non-MYBA members, it was an interesting comment. Given that MYBA rarely distributes safety information anyway, made it doubly so. Still, in your own time, Mr Chairman…

We would take this opportunity to remind you that we also have circulation lists for piracy reports and during the Atlantic hurricane season, a daily storm report. Please contact us if you would like to be added to either. (Assuming no objections from the Chairman of the MYBA yacht management committee, of course).

We distribute safety and occasionally security related information to an address list that I am delighted to see includes respected management companies in addition to a large number of yachts individually. We do this in the interest of the greater good and do not use it to plug our services nor do we pass the addresses on to third parties. Most of these are MAIB reports to which we add our own sparkling and witty narrative, as these are also included in our safety management system as fleet circulars to our own managed boats.

We have only two requests – one is that readers are encouraged to pass our details on to any Captains or other individuals who may wish to be included - and the other is that we offer to share your own incidents. This hasn't been too popular for obvious reasons, but we do guarantee that confidentiality will be maintained.

OK. This report was a challenge to us. We can normally find synergies somewhere with the yacht industry, but a cargo of wheat haemorrhaging phosphine gas into a small port in Northern Ireland is a country mile from our world. We were tempted to not circulate this but it was pointed out that slavish acceptance of information given by shore-based experts on non-routine operations, omissions in essential training and poor communications on board are no strangers to the yacht world. We also know that some of the longer standing addressees encourage us to circulate this kind of thing to help their overall understanding and provide ‘good bedtime reading for Captains'. To each, his own. Frankly, I couldn't sleep after reading this stuff.

For those on board Watkins' managed boats, on this occasion we do not require this to be circulated to all crewmembers, but please make them aware at your HESS meeting minutes and allow those who are interested to read it. I can be contacted at any time if anyone has any questions.