Failed attack - south Somali basin - 1401Z 9 November 2013

The MSC-HOA reported the following failed attack on an unidentified merchant vessel at 1401Z today, 9 November 2013 in the south Somali basin - 440m south west of Victoria, Seychelles - 545m east of the coast of Tanzania and 140m south east of the failed attack on 6 November 2013:

‘---ALERT--- Alert number 013 / 2013. At 1401 UTC / 09 NOV a merchant vessel was reported under attack by 1 skiff with 4-5 POB in position 07 20 S 048 37 E. The ships security team was firied warning shot and the skiff returned fire. ***This vessel managed to evade hijack*** ‘

The colour key for Google earth images is:
Red - Hijacked vessel, kidnapped crew or attack in progress.
White - Failed or aborted attack.
Yellow - Pirate action group (PAG) or mother ship.
Green - Suspicious approach, incident or activity