How many people does it take to adjust a CCTV camera?

Following a report from a commercial shipping company which crossed our screens, we took a look at risk assessment. To many friends in the superyacht business, risk assessment can be the bête noire of a blame culture. The finger-wagging ‘I told you so', from the smug, risk-averse desk driver. Despite the sometimes fearsome tones used in official reports, risk assessment need not be bureaucratic or time consuming – sometimes just a conscious ‘stop and think' moment.

In this case, the accident was of a minor nature but had rather expensive implications. Simply put 1) the electrician took a step ladder, 2) placed it on deck, 3) opened it, 4) climbed it and 5) successfully fell off. The boat was rolling, the job was not urgent, the ladder was too short, he had to overstretch, and he had no means of steadying himself. We have produced a small safety poster and attach it here. This describes the outcome of the accident I have described here, but edited and smartened up by Vicki Le'Fleur to make it fit the large yacht environment.

On the downside, this is not the whole story and formal risk assessment systems are de rigueur today. Please contact us if you need a hand. We don't charge for the odd phone call or e-mail.

For those on board Watkins' managed boats, please would you discuss this at your next HESS meeting. A laminated version of this is in the post. Please post this where it is visible to crewmembers but preferably not in the crew mess. If anyone else would like a laminated copy, please email Vicki.