Explosion at Balhaf terminal, Yemen

Yemen LNG are unofficially reported to have evacuated their staff from Balhaf terminal following an explosion.


Date:       09/12/2013
Time:       CNFD
Position:  Balhaf Terminal, Yemen
Detail:      The exact cause of the explosion remains unclear however a number of open sources are reporting that a mortar round exploded inside the export terminal. Yemeni authorities report that the terminal is still functioning and that “the evacuation was a precautionary measure” and there was “a minor explosion”. The terminal is heavily guarded by Yemeni troops and is Yemen's largest industrial project to date. 



The evacuation and reported attack comes after unverified reporting of a waterborne IED, 20/11/2013. No official confirmation was ever provided by Yemeni authorities who deny the incident with no further information.

The greatest risk in Balhaf concerns attacks against the 320km LNG pipeline before the LNG reaches the terminal itself. 2012 and 2013 have seen a considerable number of attacks against the pipeline, especially between Marib and Shabwa. On the whole these have not targeted personnel but aim to disrupt exportation.