MAIB report into the death of recreational diver Lex Warner 14 August 2012

MAIB has published report on the investigation of the death of recreational diver Lex Warner, after a fall on board MV EAN ELAINE 15m north Cape Wrath on 14 August 2012.

Synergies exist with the large yacht world of course and of particularly note were:

There was a significant risk to divers of tripping and falling when attempting to walk on the deck of a workboat in open sea while fully dressed and equipped for deep technical diving.

The effects of wearing a large amount of heavy diving equipment can significantly exacerbate the results of what might otherwise be considered a relatively minor fall.

While other incidents underwater have not been considered, it is plausible that Lex Warner started his unplanned ascent, which led to his death, because he felt unwell as a result of internal injuries suffered during a pre-dive fall.

Although the Captain was aware of the demands of his working environment, there was no evidence of a formal assessment of the risks to a fully-dressed diver moving from his seated preparation area, to the point of entry into the water. The latter observation may seem, in the first instance, rather harsh on the Captain who may be removed from the diving operation per se and delegate this to the Dive Master, but the report does make clear that the transition from passenger to diver occurs at the point of entry into the water.

For those on board Watkins' managed boats, please ensure that all crewmembers are given an opportunity to read this and confirm so in your next HESS meeting minutes. I can be contacted at any time if anyone has any questions.