US Coastguard collected safety alerts 1996-2014

Please find attached link to US Coastguard collected safety alerts 1996-2014.

All addressees will at some time have had the frustration of being politely but firmly informed by an Uncle Sam Comic Genius inspector of a surprise defect which had been raised in a long forgotten coastguard Safety Alert. Ignorance of such matters is inconceivable to the coastguard and the offender will inevitably suffer the usual agonies as a consequence. Putting cynicism aside however, this is a very useful document indeed – a mine of useful safety tips - and not before time. If anything, there may be too much information for us to suggest that everyone is to read this and report so in the next HESS committee meeting. Nonetheless, few if any ranks, types, denominations or species of seafarers do not feature somewhere in this document and we would like to make this available to all crewmembers for reference. More importantly, senior officers will be aware of the implications of not complying with anything that begins with ‘the Coastguard strongly recommends' and I would suggest essential reading for Captains and engineers headed west, or risk the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

Those of you who have the considerable good fortune of being under Watkins Superyachts management will receive a nicely bound hard copy in due course.