IMO SOPEP update

Please find attached the latest IMO list of national operational contact points responsible for the receipt, transmission and processing or urgent reports on incidents involving harmful; substances, including oil from ships to coastal states. For those who carry a SOPEP, this would normally be added as an annexe. This list is updated six monthly and is a little treat for the inexperienced or unimaginative port state control inspector who will view an out-of-date list as a defect. Inspectors in certain ports will also use this as an excuse to demand illegal payment of fines.

The list of ports where inspectors are asking for bribes is increasing. We cannot circulate a list for obvious but we can supply names on request. If anyone would like to share dodgy port state control experiences, they may do so by return in absolute confidence. We do not disclose names.  

MSC-MEPC_6Circ_12 Annex2(SOPEP) - 30 September 2015.pdf