Loss of twin rig stern trawler OCEAN WAY with the loss of three lives 100' off the coast of Northumberland 14th November 2014

The MAIB has issued their report into the loss of the twin rig stern trawler OCEAN WAY with the loss of three lives 100 miles off the coast of Northumberland on 14th November 2014. We are a little late circulating this, for which we apologise. One or two more will follow shortly.


Once again we have an insight into the working conditions of our colleagues who live by fishing in harsh environments. It is a pitiful life at times and one that is all too often marked by tragedy. Nonetheless, this was avoidable. Had the owner and crew had a greater understanding of their stability limitations and actions to be taken in an emergency, the outcome may have been different.

We see no immediate synergies with our own world, but officers involved with the operation or smaller yachts and tenders would be well advised to refamiliarise themselves with stability, evacuation and emergency signalling equipment. The actions of the various rescue agencies leave much to be desired. To read of seafarers clinging to an upturned hull 100 miles out into the North Sea in winter, while persons ashore with search and rescue responsibilities faff about in a tragic cake and arse party is most uncomfortable, but I'm sure won't have gone unnoticed by the UK MCA and others

For those on board Watkins' managed boats, please ensure that all crewmembers are given an opportunity to read this. Please confirm so in your next HESS meeting minutes.

I can be contacted at any time if anyone has any questions. We would welcome any feedback of course, and would be pleased to circulate any comments.