Two low pressure areas seaborne

Saturday 18th June 2016

Disturbance six has a toe in the waters of the Bay of Campeche. Time will tell how much this will develop before moving inland into Mexico south of Tampico by Tuesday, but a full-blown storm is not expected. Increased squalls with wind gusts up to 55 knots will be possible between today and Monday, along with locally rough seas. Once inland, heavy rain will bring the threat of flash flooding to the eastern side of the Sierra Madre.

Along the eastern seaboard, a low pressure area is moving off the coast and deepening. Observed winds just off the coast of North Carolina have been registering in the 30 knot range. Winds are expected to increase to gale force later today as this low pressure system deepens. There is a chance that this low pressure system will detach from its associated fronts by Monday morning and become either a subtropical or a tropical storm with winds of 40 knots plus. Nonetheless, the impact along and off the eastern seaboard will be the same - rough surf conditions along the coast from North Carolina to New Jersey from today until Monday and rough conditions offshore. Coast watch on the eastern seaboard otherwise stand easy.