On this day 1957 Hurricane AUDREY

Monday 27th June 2016

On this day in 1957 Hurricane AUDREY swept through Louisiana and Texas, killing over 500 people. This was an extremely destructive tropical cyclone which gathered momentum so quickly that it was never recorded as a tropical depression but developed from a tropical wave in the Bay of Campeche to landfall as a major hurricane in little over 24 hours, causing a storm surge of over 12 feet and severely disrupting offshore drilling operations in the Gulf of Mexico. The trail of destruction from ensuring storms and floods spread as far north as Quebec where at least 20 lives were lost. The name Audrey was later withdrawn from the hat. Happily, June 27th 2016 is a little quieter.

Disturbance eight is about 150 miles east of the Nicaragua/ Honduras border. This will track into southern Mexico and Central America over the next 24 hours and disappear into anonymity.

Disturbance nine is about two days steaming time west of the Cape Verde islands and moving quickly west with no apparent footprint of shower or thunderstorm activity. There are no indications that tropical development will occur. For those who dabble in the dark arts of Twitter, our daily bulletins are posted later in the day on @watkinsmarine along with other items of news interest spanning all areas maritime. Perhaps, like me, you can persuade teenager to show you how to register.

Stand easy Capt Adrian McCourt