Umbrellas for central and north west Florida

Sunday 7th August 2016

Disturbance twenty two has become better organised over the northeast Gulf of Mexico. An area of low pressure has developed overnight, with intense squalls near the centre, which is currently stationary somewhere close to Cedar Key, Florida - top left of the peninsula bit. This low is expected to move over Florida later today before any further development will occur but will bring heavy rainfall for the Big Bend area of Florida today and tomorrow, which may result in some flooding.

A surface trough, extending from the low, is likely to linger over the northeastern Gulf for much of the week, so these conditions will persist over the northeastern Gulf. This trough may create another low south of the western Florida Panhandle which would then result in rainfall spreading west through the week to the western parts of the Florida Panhandle.

Disturbance twenty one is located about 160 miles north of the Dominican Republic and has curved its track to the to the northwest at a sedate 8 knots. The disturbance should slow further during the next few days the. turn more to the north, which will result in it moving between the East Coast of the United States and Bermuda. The disturbance is poorly organised and development chances are low. Umbrellas over central and north west Florida otherwise stand easy.