Harmless development in central Atlantic

Wednesday 17th August 2016

No surprise that disturbance twenty five developed some surface circulation and has been upgraded to tropical depression six. Currently centred a little east of the midway point of the Atlantic crossing, environmental conditions look positive for this to become the sixth tropical storm of the season. This system has already started to peel away to the north west at 12 knots destined for a short life well away from any land areas. This will strengthen over the next couple of days before weakening. Whatever, this will only bother fish and the odd sailor.

Disturbance twenty four is well to the north of the Leeward Islands and moving north west at 18 knots. The system is weak and adverse environmental conditions will dissipate the system over the next few days. It is of no threat to land. The cheeky new low we spotted over sub-Sahara Africa yesterday will probably emerge off the coast of West Africa in the about three days time. A number of storm enthusiasts are beginning to salivate over this one.

Stand easy.