New disturbance cutting a dash

Friday 19th August 2016

Kitten-weak disturbance twenty four is located midway between the Caribbean and Bermuda. This is still headed in a westerly direction but not really developing and likely to dissipate in the next day or so with no impact on land. Disappointing tropical storm FIONA is centred around 4 days steaming west of the Cape Verde Islands and is moving to the north-west at around 7 knots. This pathetic storm has peeled away from the most fertile westbound path and as a consequence, has started to degrade and will lose its storm rating in the next 24 hours. Current winds are at peak of 40 gusting 50 knots. This will have no impact on land.

Disturbance twenty six is new and is cutting a bit of a dash. This has appeared about a day's steaming to the south-west of the Cape Verde Islands on a westerly course at around 15 knots and is on track to reach the Lesser Antilles in about a week from now. This has a spring in its step, having started to look organised and showing a wide field of line squalls. Environmental conditions are forecast to be favourable for further development, especially as it moves closer to the Caribbean. The low pressure cell we picked up over Lake Chad is still headed for the African coast and should be seaborne in the next day or so.

Weather watch at sea for useless FIONA otherwise stand easy.