HERMINE set for hurricane strength landfall

Thursday 1st September 2016

Tropical storm HERMINE is now centred 170 miles miles south-sou'west of Apalachicola headed north-nor'east at 10 knots. Current wind speeds of 60 gusting 75 knots are being reported. The storm's current hurricane severity is 5 out of a possible 50 points (2 size, 3 intensity) with a predicted maximum of 9 (5 size / 4 intensity) and a tropical storm force windfield of 210 miles. This will deepen and accelerate to a landfall a little northeast of Apalachicola early on Friday morning as hurricane. All hurricane-force winds will be east of the centre at landfall. Tropical storm-force winds do not extend very far west of the track at all so, with heavy squalls mostly east of the centre, the heaviest rainfall will be concentrated east of the track across Florida and southern Georgia today and Friday. After landfall HERMINE will then accelerate northeast across southern Georgia during the day on Friday, weakening as it does so and along the coast of South Carolina on Friday evening. By mid to late morning on Saturday, the centre will be seaborne near the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Tropical depression eight is now a good couple of hundred miles south of Cape Cod heading east-nor'east fast. This is going through a spectacular demolition cycle as upper level shear has split the nominal centre from the windfield by almost a hundred miles as it is being absorbed into a weak trough of low pressure. Done.

Hurricane GASTON is located around 800 miles west of the Azores and moving to the east-nor'east at 18knots. This is starting to lose strength but still likely to move across the Azores tomorrow into Saturday as a tropical storm.

Disturbance thirty is about a day and a half west of the Cape Verde Islands moving west at 20 knots. Dry air is keeping development in check although conditions remain more favourable towards the Leeward Island where this is expected in around six days.

Storm cones aloft over Florida.