Storm cones aloft from Long Island to Cape Cod

Monday 5th September 2016

HERMINE is now around 260 miles south of Nantucket. It will continue to move slowly toward the north through tomorrow then make a turn towards the northeast in the general direction of Nova Scotia. Tropical storm force winds will be possible today along the coast from Long Island to Cape Cod but by Wednesday afternoon, conditions will improve as HERMINE moves north east.

Disturbance thirty is a tropical wave in the north east Caribbean about a day west of the Leeward Islands, moving west at 8 knots. Enhanced shower and thunderstorm activity will slowly move away from the islands today. Conditions may be more favourable for further development when the system reaches the western Caribbean in around 4 days with opinions divided between a straight track into Central America or a curve north into the Gulf.

Disturbance thirty one is about 700 miles north-nor'west of the Cape Verde Islands. It is expected to turn to the northwest, remain weak, and not impact any land areas. No development is expected.

Storm cones aloft from Long Island to Cape Cod.