No storm threats to land

Monday 12th September 2016

Disturbance thirty is located just north of the Yucatan peninsula moving west at walking pace. The environment over the Gulf of Mexico continues to be hostile to development and this system will dissipate soon.

Disturbance thirty two is a weak disturbance over the Bahamas with just a very slight chance of becoming a tropical depression or weak tropical storm before moving into the east-central coast of Florida tomorrow. In any event this will enhance shower and thunderstorm activity over the Florida peninsula. Even if the system did achieve the unlikely and became a weak tropical system, the impact ashore would not be significant.

Disturbance thirty three is well out to sea now, loosely centred around 1,000 miles north of the Amazon delta. Overnight satellite wind data indicates that the circulation is too broad to be considered a tropical storm. Though development is taking longer than predicted, this system still has a decent chance of development but will only interest fish and sailors.

Disturbance thirty four has just left the Cape Verde islands in its wake moving west at 12 knots. This still has to go some to convince anyone that it will develop.

Stand easy.