Fish storm IAN no threat to land

Tuesday 13th September 2016

Tropical storm IAN is situated about 1200 miles north of the mouth of the Amazon headed north to north-west. This is expected to strengthen over the next few days as it remains out to sea and far from land areas, only of interest to fish and sailors.

Disturbance thirty two is along the Florida coast causing shower and thunderstorm activity across the Florida peninsula today and across northern Florida, southern Georgia, and the South Carolina tomorrow. No development is expected from this system. However, it may produce locally heavy rainfall over the next couple of days. Disturbance thirty four is still close to the west of the Cape Verde islands. This is tracking west to west-northwest and looks to be shaping up for a curved path into the east central Atlantic away from any land areas. This does have a glint in its eye for development but well clear of land. Aside from those at sea in Atlantic in the path of IAN, the rest of us may stand easy.