A rainy night in Georgia

Wednesday 14th September 2016

Tropical storm IAN is expected to remain over the open waters of the central Atlantic and not impact any land areas. Tropical storm JULIA is currently 50 miles down the coast from Savannah and tracing the shoreline north at around 5 knots. This will bring heavy rainfall for coastal areas of Georgia and South Carolina through today and tomorrow, bringing flooding in places. The centre of the system will slowly track north along the Georgia coast today and possibly into southern South Carolina tomorrow but weakening as it does so. This is barely a tropical storm now and if there are any winds of tropical storm force, they are occurring over the water to the southeast of the centre in a rainband. JULIA should soon weaken to a tropical depression and by tomorrow evening, it is likely to have weakened to a remnant area of low pressure.

Disturbance thirty four seems to be taking an eternity to pass the Cape Verde islands but has picked up and is now headed west at 10 knots. This has become a little better organised and has improved its development chances but still looking like a harmless seaward track in the Central America Stand by for foul weather along the eastern seaboard.